The name Tresso is a combination of two words: trio and tres (Spanish), to portray the 3 partners behind the formation of the company.

The name Tresso itself symbolizes a working culture that emphasizes on delivering high quality products based on innovative concepts and passion-driven approach.

Just like the phrase, two heads are better than one. Or in this case, a trio of heads.


It all started when 3 individuals; Azman Shah, Jay Jamal and Rahami Rahmat began working together on multiples projects for local TV and government agencies.

A tag team of Producer-Director-Director of Photography, these trio had work on TV programs such as Rona Mentera, Khabar Haji, Tarbiah Toyib and Travelling Beruang. They also had collaborated on projects under Zoo Negara and Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar Dan Wilayah (KKLW).

It was just a matter of time before these 3 individuals realized they shared the same vision and philosophy when it comes to producing good quality products and decided to embark on a new journey as partners.

Thus, the forming of Tresso in 2015.

With the founding of Tresso , not only did they continue their passion to produce TV programs for stations such as Astro, TV3 and RTM, but also expanded their business into web commercial and branded content.


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